Concrete Care

How to care for your concrete items

All of our pieces are hand polished and then sealed to the highest standard possible. Concrete is an extremely durable and practical material that's easy to maintain. However, as with any porous stone, the sealant isn’t bullet proof. Your Concrete items will of course naturally age gracefully and patina over time. Below is our care and maintenance recommendations for you to follow….You certainly don’t need to be precious but a little common sense will go a long way!

Liquid spills, including red wine, vinegar or anything acidic

To maintain longevity of each piece, we recommend that they be used to for decorational use. All of our items are sealed with a high-grade, penetrative sealant which is food-grade safe upon curing and acts as a barrier against spills. Having said that, we do recommend that anything acidic, particularly vinegar and lemon juice is wiped up within a reasonable time-frame otherwise it may etch through the sealant and leave a mark.

General day to day cleaning 

We recommend the use of a warm damp cloth. You can also use mild detergent if you prefer, but it isn't necessary. It is best to avoid cleaning with overly harsh chemical cleaners or with anything abrasive which can dull the surface.  We also recommend against any vigorous scrubbing, as to do so could compromise the sealant. 

Surface protection

We attach cork protection pads underneath the majority of our items. We believe it is within our duty of care to look after the surfaces that you will be placing our items on/ Whilst it is unlikely, slight colour change of your items may occur over an extended period of time if exposed to direct sunlight. We suggest rotating your objects occasionally if exposed to direct sunlight.

Cracks and chips along the edges

Despite its strength and durability, concrete is not immune to small chips and breakages. Particularly on exposed edges if impacted with hard objects. Please treat each item with care and respect and as if they were ceramic pieces. This way, they will last for many, many years.

All of the above In a nut shell!

Apply the principle, no matter what ‘Wipe as you go. Don’t use your concrete items as a chopping board, avoid high impact knocks along the edges with hard objects and don’t go regularly crazy cleaning with harsh chemicals,