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Concrete Homewares Production:

All of our concrete homewares, candless, and furniture is carefully hand made in Sydney, NSW.

We use an intricate blend of engineered, high-performing concrete which is mixed with meticulously refined components. Each of these components work together and assist in a specific way by making the concrete lighter and stronger than standard construction concrete. We are able to maintain the natural look of concrete whilst creating an exceptionally strong material.

Rich, natural pigments are mixed within the concrete to colour each item. This creates a beautiful, earthen effect that has great depth and intrigue.

Unlike ceramics, our concrete homewares cure at room temperature in silicone moulds and they don't require the elaborate process of cooking in an oven or kiln. Because we don't have to run any high energy consuming machinery, our business's - and consequently product's - environmental footprint is so much lower than more conventional homewares. 

However, concrete does have some limitations. We strongly suggest that you don't use your platters for everyday dining use, rather using them for serving or occasional platters. This will ensure that your product's sealant will last the test of time. 

All of Aggre's products go through a stringent sealing process, using several coats of a penetrative sealer which is absorbed into the concrete. After that, a vegan wax is then applied to give it a smooth and silky finish and add an extra layer of protection.

Our focus at Aggre is to maintain the natural beauty of concrete, by highlighting and accentuating its character. As all of our products are handmade, therefore some variation between the same product can occur. The surface of our products are textured and tactile, and air bubbles or uneven surfaces are part of the concrete’s aesthetic. They have been designed to look very natural and unique. This is not considered a fault

Whilst they are intended for decorative use, they can be used for dry foods like salt and pepper or herbs and spices. Nothing oily please!

Do not place in the oven, microwave, or dishwasher. Please don't use our vessels as a drinking cup.