Concrete Plinths

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Bespoke, handmade plinths; inspired by tactile textures of marble, stone, and concrete. Handcrafted in Sydney using natural, Italian stone, and featuring a hollow design. Our plinths are strong, sturdy, and timeless.

Each plinth is handmade to order, in our workshop in Sydney. Our ability to customize the colours, textures, sizes, appearance, and patterns is what sets our products apart; it provides our clients a beautifully tailored experience and final product. We collaborate with our clients directly, to ensure that their vision becomes a reality. 

Our small size Plinth has been designed to work perfectly as a side table. When clustered with the medium and large, it allows for an exceptionally elevated aesthetic. A perfect addition to complete a well-designed and curated space. Each plinth is finished with our concrete protective sealant.

When ordering, please include your desired colours in the order notes. Alternatively, you may email us to arrange a meeting to discuss your options. 

Sizes - All sizes listed in cm:

Small: 40 x 40 x 60
Medium: 40 x 40 x 75
Large: 40 x 40 x 90

Small: 40 x 55 x 60
Medium: 40 x 55 x 75
Large: 40 x 55 x 90